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Façade Installation & Finishing Accessories

Selecting the correct fastener for your application is only the first step in ensuring that your project is installed in line with the panel manufacturer and system supplier’s recommendations.

At Mainline Products, we have developed a focused range of accessories to help contractors and installers to achieve this.

Our comprehensive range includes centralising tools, stand-off nosepieces, rivet sleeves and step drills for installing panel fasteners. EPDM gaskets, shadow-line, Blackout and anti-rattle tapes for sheathing timber aluminium / steel frames are also included in the range. Our extensive range of quality standard drill bits include HSS, Carbide and SDS covering a wide range of applications.

We also supply an extensive range of PPE products including gloves, goggles, ear defenders and face masks. Shop the full range of online today.

Stand-Off Nose Pieces

EPDM Washers

Rivet Spacers

Touch-up Paints

Sealants & Adhesives

Gaskets & Tapes

Centralising Tools