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Centralising Tools

Due to thermal expansion, rainscreen panel manufacturers supply panels with fixed and sliding point holes, pre-drilled in the panel. The fixed point hole keeps the panel firmly in place whilst the sliding point hole allows for calculated thermal movement once the panel is installed.

It is essential that any fixings installed through a sliding point hole are fixed centrally to the pre-drilled hole to ensure any thermal movement is accommodated without any detrimental impact on the installation.

Selecting the correct Centralising Tool

The are two key considerations when selecting the correct centralising tool. The first is ensuring the nose of the tool is0.5mm smaller than the specified sliding point hole size. And second, the drill selected is 0.1mm larger than the rivet body diameter. 

A safe and secure installation, every time

Centralising Tools are the solution to perfectly installed façades, every single time. We offer replacement drill bits for all centralising tools as well and have a large stock holding of many different sizes for fast delivery.

Watch how a Centralising Tool works

Our YouTube channel hosts a number of informative, short videos that demonstrate our products in action. Watch how our centralising tools work during installation by visiting our demonstration video here