Coating Warranty

Uploaded: 21st June 2024

Coating Warranty

We are so confident on our quality and painting methods, we are proud to offer a 25 year coating warranty across all fixings and fasteners. A no-quibble warranty that you can rely on for up to 25 years after purchase. Our coating warranty outlines the conditions that must be met by customers in order for us to qualify for a replacement. Please carefully read below. 

1. General

1.1 Subject to and upon the following terms and conditions, Mainline Products (UK) Limited (company number: 07003332) (Mainline) offers a warranty (Warranty) for 25 years commencing on the date of delivery (Warranty Period) to customers within the European Union (Eligible Customers) in respect of the Colourfix and Metalix coatings provided by Mainline on screws and rivets (Goods).

1.2 For the avoidance of doubt, the Warranty is offered in respect of the Colourfix and Metalix paint coating only (Coating) and is not applicable to the screws and rivets upon which the coating is applied nor is it applicable to any other Mainline products supplied to Eligible Customers or any other customers.

1.3 This Warranty is subject to Mainline’s standard terms and conditions (Terms and Conditions), a copy of which are attached to this Warranty.

1.4 If there is any conflict between the terms of this Warranty and the Terms and Conditions, the Terms and Conditions shall prevail

2. Warranty and Warranty Conditions

Mainline offers to replace defective Coating (being Coating that has become completely removed from the Goods) (taking account of fair wear and tear of the Coating and any external factors that may impact upon the durability of the Coating) during the Warranty Period provided the Eligible Customer can provide evidence satisfactory to Mainline that the Eligible Customer has complied with the following conditions since the date of delivery of the Goods to the Eligible Customer:

2.1 Storage and handling of the Goods
The Goods have been stored packaged, in dry conditions at room temperature ideally covered and, in a dust free environment with minimum handling of the Goods.

2.2 Installation into Eligible Customer products
(a) If the Goods have been installed into Eligible Customer products, the Goods have been installed with Mainline tools and in accordance with panel manufacturers’ hole size recommendations.

(b) The life expectancy of the Coating may be significantly reduced if the Goods are installed in or exposed to conditions heavily influenced by acid, industrial chemicals, salt water and other aggressive emission sources known to damage coated products.

2.3 Rivets
When using and dealing with rivet Goods, the Eligible Customer must never use a worn drill bit for the drilling of panels and must always ensure that the hole sizes are drilled to the manufacturers’ recommendation.

2.4 Screws
When using and dealing with screw Goods, the correct screwdriver part for the screw and the fitting must be used and the Eligible Customer must always use new screwdriver parts when dealing with the screw Goods. Worn screwdriver parts can ‘free spin’ in the screw recess causing paint damage or removal.

2.5 Profiles and other special parts
(a) The Goods must not come into contact with any dissimilar metals. The reason for this condition is that when two dissimilar metals meet, the weaker of the two metals, if exposed to electrolytes, corrodes.

(b) The Goods must not be exposed to heat in excess of 70°C/158°F.

2.6 Cleaning and Maintenance
(a) The Goods must be correctly cleaned. Prior to any cleaning of the Goods, Mainline recommends a small test area is selected to ensure the selected cleaning products are safe to use.

(b) The Goods must only be cleaned using a soft cloth or sponge, using warm water and a mild detergent (ph. between 5 – 8). The Goods should not be cleaned with any abrasive material and the Goods should be cleaned gently without extensive rubbing.

(c) Paint removers, aggressive alkaline, acids, petrol, abrasive detergents, detergents or solutions containing ester, ketones, alcohol, aromatics, ethylene glycol or halogenated hydrocarbon should never be used on the Goods.

2.7 Frequency of Cleaning and Maintenance
(a) The Goods have been cleaned to the frequency and standard required of the environment in which the Goods are situated and the products of which the Goods form part taking account of all environmental and weather conditions to which the Goods are exposed. At least 1 annual clean is required as a part of a required cleaning and maintenance programme.

(b) Factors such as the surrounding environment of any building in which the Goods are located, the geographical location of any such building and the protection afforded to that building, prevailing wind direction, atmospheric pollution, airborne debris such as sand/dust, change in geographical location of the Goods can cause the Goods to diminish in quality at different degrees and, as a result, significantly reduce the life expectancy of the Coating.

3. Additional Terms

3.1 In order for any Eligible Customer claim for replacement to be considered under this Warranty, the Eligible Customer must notify Mainline of such claim and provide the evidence required to show satisfaction of compliance with the above conditions within 20 Business Days of the Eligible Customer becoming aware of the defective Coating.

3.2 If the conditions set out at clauses 2.1 to 2.7 have not been complied with, or if evidence of compliance cannot be produced by the Eligible Customer to Mainline on request, the Warranty is rendered invalid and Mainline will have no liability under this Warranty in respect